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Exploring Hoi An, Vietnam: Where Every Corner Tells a Story

Vietnam is a country worth visiting multiple times; one visit is simply not enough. I had the pleasure of exploring this country, including the cities of Hanoi, Da Nang, and Hoi An. However, I quickly realized that almost two weeks (including 3 days in Singapore) was insufficient to truly get to know Vietnam. To fully explore this beautiful country with its rich history, you would likely need a month or more.

Now, let’s delve into one of the most Instagrammable and picturesque cities I’ve ever visited: Exploring Hoi An, Vietnam: Where Every Corner Tells a Story.

The Basket Boat Tour

The Basket Boat tour was part of the Hoi-An Village Experience, which also included a Vietnamese cooking class. The tour encompassed a visit to the local markets for a shop tour, where we bought the ingredients for the cooking class. Along the way to our destination, we received a brief history lesson. Before reaching the cooking lesson destination, we embarked on the basket tour. This destination also happened to be the home of our tour guide, who, along with his wife, works with people with disabilities who may not be able to work in conventional settings. Despite their disabilities, the ladies were exceptionally kind. Supporting this tour is certainly a meaningful way to contribute.

Old Town

Old Town of Hoi An is the best part (for me) of the city. It has the old architecture which makes this town a very photogenic city. In 1999, Hoi An’s Old Town was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, honoring its exceptional blend of local and foreign influences. The town’s iconic yellow-walled buildings, adorned with colorful lanterns and intricate wooden carvings, stand as a testament to its rich history.

As the sun sets, Hoi An transforms into a magical wonderland, with thousands of lanterns illuminating the streets and the river sparkling with floating candles. It’s a reminder of Hoi An’s enduring spirit, a place where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present, inviting visitors to step back in time and experience the beauty of old-world Vietnam.

Lanterns boat ride

When night falls, you can take a boat ride amidst the colorful lantern lights on the Thu Bon River canal. The river runs through the heart of the town, enhancing its vibrancy with lanterns ‘floating’ in the water. There are bridges that allow you to cross from one side to the other. We crossed the Chùa Cầu Hoi An, which was bustling with activity at night due to a local festival. This provided us with the opportunity to visit the night markets, where stands sold souvenirs, lanterns, and food.

Things to know for your visit

Best Time to Visit Hoi-An

We visited at the end of September, which coincided with the rainy season. We experienced quite a bit of rain, which can be overwhelming. Therefore, the ideal time to visit would be at the end of August or the beginning of September. While the weather may be more humid, it’s better than risking your trip being ruined by excessive rain.

Where to Stay

Hoi-An River Side Villas provided us with a fantastic stay. It’s within walking distance of the Old Town if the weather is favorable, but I would recommend taking a taxi, especially during unfavorable weather. The villa also offers bicycle rentals for exploring the town.


Most establishments accept cards, particularly restaurants and hotels, but it’s advisable to carry some cash, especially for food stands along the streets.

Hustle Culture

While the locals are generally kind and not rude, they can be quite persistent when selling goods. If you show any interest in an item, they may become overly pushy. It’s best to decline politely, or avoid touching or complimenting items unless you’re genuinely interested.

How to get to Hoi-An?

Hoi An is located approximately 30-45 minutes away from Da Nang, depending on your starting point and route. We opted for a taxi arranged by our hotel (we paid 15 USD for an one-way ride), which made the journey much less stressful. But for check other useful apps to download while traveling to and in Hoi-An.

Hoi-An is worth a visit or 5. Every time you would have a chance to do something else.


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