The hassle-free way of traveling with kids

Traveling with children, can be a lot. I traveled to Curaçao from Amsterdam with my niece when she was 2,5 years old and I’m not going to lie, it was a lot. Having to travel with a stroller, that might not fit or may break in the storage bin area wasn’t it. When arriving on the island a stroller was bought and not having her regular essentials like a proper car seat were some of the things that my sister had to deal with.

Even traveling back to Amsterdam, was a bit of a drama, because the delay of the flight was immense. Everybody was tired as heck, just imagine how overwhelmed a 2-year-old was feeling. It wasn’t pretty. That little one wasn’t comfortable, and it was not easy for us adults. Traveling hassle free with kids? Would that be possible?

The lightbulb moment

For that same reason, Thalicia and her sister came up with the idea to facilitate parents with young children (age group 0-5) to add more ease when traveling to Curaçao. When Thalicia and her sister both experienced stressful moments while traveling with their kids, carrying way too much baggage and/or missing certain essentials for the kids, a lightbulb lit up with the sisters.

Owner of MIni Nomads Curacao

“We want the little ones to feel safe & comfortable, so that parents can also relax & enjoy their stay more. A sleeping Mini really is the new happy hour ”


Vacation time is a break from reality, but it might take away from the comfort of certain facilities that kids normally have in their daily life at home.

So, MINI NOMADS CURAÇAO was born to create a hassle-free traveling experience. MINI NOMADS CURAÇAO has a collection of items for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, from 0-5 years old.

The keywords for MINI NOMADS’ are comfort, safety, and hygiene. The intention is for families who travel to Curacao with small children to experience less hassle and worries during their stay on the island.

At Mini Nomads you can rent car seats, portable cribs, pack & plays, strollers, highchairs, baby bathtubs, beach toys and more.

One of the coolest products that they have for the older mini’s, is the THE BORED-ING TRAVEL COMPANION. This little gadget is perfect to limit screens times in the airport, during the flight and even on location. It with be filled with age-appropriate items, meaning, it has a selection of games, coloring pages, quizzes, crayons. And best of all, it is re-usable. Imagine having this for your kids at hand when there are flight delays, or when your mini is bored at a restaurant dinner table. It might just be the life saver we all need.

The Perks

  • Delivery and pick-up of all items to your preferred location.
  • Renting more items, means discount.
  • Getting advice where to get the best baby food and other essentials on the island of Curaçao. This can include deliveries of products.
  • One word: hassle-free

So, if you’re a parent and traveling with little ones and coming to the sunny Curaçao, Mini Nomads are the way to go to have one stress less when traveling. Because parents, we will KEEP ON FLYING with the kids.


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